Please note that Spacebumfuzzle is currently in late alpha, which means that all major game systems are implemented and polished, and I’m now focusing on building out the game progression and balancing. If you are interested in only playing a complete and stable game, please check the project out again later!

For the time being, all “progression” has been squished into star system level ranges 1-5 for testing purposes. For example, the advanced ships like the Hornet are available at any Shipyard in a system level 3 or over.

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Version 0.8 changes

new features

  • Implemented comprehensive tutorial system
  • Implemented dialogue system
  • Ability to collect ‘support’ points which are used to call in reinforcements (currently 3 ship types are selectable)
  • More complete environments to fight in:
    • Asteroid fields now have asteroids on the playfield for you to fight around
    • Fortified enemy bases with asteroids & energy walls & turrets
    • Base remnants which you can fight in (sections of energy walls, asteroids, station debris etc)
    • Debris fields now have chunks of debris around which move when hit & provide cover
  • Custom-painted ships
  • Skirmish events – epic space battles! Yay!
  • Transport defense events – great way to get more scrap
  • Capital ships – only one corvette for now, found in the skirmish events
  • New weapons: dumbfire missiles, heavy lasers, and chaingun. Will add some more low-cost & low-damage weapons moving forward soon to allow another means of controlling encounter difficulties
  • New distinct enemy type: fortifier drone – will hide behind your enemies and fires an interesting, curving beam to instantly charge their buddies’ shields. the functionality paves way for destroyable shield generators among other things


  • Massive changes to AI to introduce real pathfinding since we now have complex obstacles, which complicated a *lot* of their behaviours!
  • Police lights have a flare effect
  • All ship upgrades & skill upgrades are refundable, so you can freely respec and try out new combos and combat styles
  • Added all ships to mini-map (including enemies). will make this a ship upgrade later
  • All smoke trails (thrusters, missiles) remade and is light-reactive
  • All thruster effects are ypdated / remade
  • Explosions (more variety, removed ‘bad’ looking ones’, improved the distortion effects, implemented great glow effect)
  • Better background star placement – they now appear a bit clustered and streaky, like real star constellations. Also more performant.
  • Updated camera filters (*much* better bloom, better TAA settings)
  • All weapon effects updated, now have proper lighting where appropriate, and laser weapons fade in and out
  • EMP effect now disables weapons only, and has a randomised duration
  • Major change to how levels are generated in the back-end to be cleaner and more extensible
  • You have to compete with other allied ships to collect scrap now, since they’ll take it for themselves if they can
  • Significant upgrade to Unity version to get access to multi-threaded physics, among other features
  • Radio audio effect for voices implemented in-game rather than a pre-generated effect
  • More voices (experimenting with different software, filters and styles), but still far from final. but at least now you’ll hear the same clips much, much less frequently
  • All planets revised – better shader, better textures
  • Asteroids in asteroid field now cast & receive shadows