Missions, Events, Stations


Missions have been disabled in favor of events. They’ll be reintroduced with the first story missions.


As you fly through a star system, various events in your radar range will show on the system map. These will show as yellow-orange ‘pinging’ indicators. You can click on them to find out some small details about what might be going on there. NOTE that a lot of trouble tends to happen around asteroid fields – they’re a great place to hang around looking for events.

Currently there are three different events implemented:

  • Single bounty: for a reward, kill one quite challenging enemy, usually a villain. Might have a small posse to deal with too.
  • Group bounty: for a reward, kill a group of enemies. Usually around 6. Some may be ‘grouped’ and will come to their buddy’s defense, others you may be able to lure away to attack one-at-a-time.
  • Defend transporter: a civilian transporter’s engine has failed, and you must fend off incoming pirates and give him a chance to repair his ship. Will drop a bunch of scrap metal on success.
  • Skirmish: these are currently found over every uninhabitable planet.

Recovering Stations

Beyond the starting zones, many stations will be surrounded by enemies and will need to be liberated. You can see this on the System Map, where the station will be surrounded by red lines and the sidebar will state it will need to be liberated.

When you fly to the sector, you’ll need to destroy all enemies. When complete, you can dock at the station and use it normally.

Docking at Stations

Stations will have several docking platforms next them. Green ones are available for you to fly to. When you reach one, you’ll have a popup notification to tell you that the “d” key is used to dock at the station. This will then show you the station’s docking menu. Different types of stations will provide different services.

  • Spacestations will provide a shop to buy and sell consumables, weapons, and other ship equipment. You can also repair your ship, hire a companion, and buy star maps. You can also ‘tune’ your ship here.
  • Research stations allow you to upgrade the tier and level of your equipment. Also they¬†have a shop to buy mostly shields, but also heatsinks and powersources, bombs and missiles.
  • Shipyards allow you to trade your ship in for a different (better?) model.

Destroying Pirate Outposts

Pirate outposts are bases usable by pirates only. They are hard to take down, are fortified with turrets and frequent reinforcements, but can provide fantastic loot for those crazy enough to attack one and blow it up. It’s recommended that you call in support of your own to help take them all down.