The game is split into 3 “layers” of playable area – the sector of space that you’re in (the area you can fly your ship around in — each planet and station has their own sector), the solar system which shows you the sectors you can warp to, and the galaxy which shows you the star systems that you can travel to via jumpgates.

How to fly to different sectors and systems

To fly to another sector, press ‘m’ to load the system map, click on a location you want to fly to, and press “Warp Now” (or simply double-click on the location!)

To fly to another system, you will find jumpgates at the edge of each systems’ map. Fly to the jumpgate’s sector, then fly into the outbound lane of the jumpgate to reach its connected system.


In the top-right corner of your screen, you can see the sector minimap. This has two primary functions:

  1. You can orientate yourself and figure out where you are relative to big things like space stations.
  2. You can see enemies and allies on it when it’s available,
  3. It is used in certain missions/events where you may need to ‘explore’ to find things, so you can figure where you have already explored and the areas that you have yet to explore. In such times unexplored sections will be covered by a ‘fog of war’ that will disappear as you fly through it

Please note that in some missions and events, the minimap will be hidden.

System Map

Pressing the ‘m’ key will show the System Map. Each system you enter will be covered with a ‘fog of war’ that will disappear as you fly through it and explore it. Most space stations will allow you to purchase various maps of the system – revealing either stations, jumpgates, or the entire map.

You’ll locate events going on in the local star system as you fly from one sector to another. These are only visible when they’re in your ship’s radar range, and will appear as pulsing yellow signals. Click on them to find out a little bit about what’s going on, and if you’re feeling confident, take a chance and fly to the point to get involved.

Galaxy Map

Pressing the ‘.’ key will show the Galaxy Map. This map will allow you to see which star systems connect with others. The map is revealed as you find jumpgates, and travel through them.