Default key bindings

ActionKeyboardMouseXBox Controller
Aim the shipPoint cursorAim with Left Stick
Fly forwardWRight Trigger
Fly backwardSLeft Trigger
Fire Weapon Set 1QLeft ButtonA
Fire Weapon Set 2ERight ButtonB
Fire Weapon Set 3RButton 3 (Middle)X
Fire Weapon Set 4FButton 4 (Back)Y
Fire Weapon Set 5CButton 5 (Forward)D-Pad Up
Fire Weapon Set 61D-Pad Right
Fire Weapon Set 72D-Pad Down
Fire Weapon Set 83D-Pad Left
Fire Weapon Set 9Left ShiftLeft Shoulder
Fire Weapon Set 10Left ControlRight Shoulder
Dock At StationDY
Camera ZoomUp/Down ArrowMouse WheelRight Stick Up/Down
Camera RotateLeft/Right ArrowRight Stick Left/Right
Quick ConsumableALeft Stick Button (push it)
Show InventoryI
Show AbilitiesK
Show PerksP
Show MapM
Call For BackupGRight Stick Button (push it)

Console commands

For testing purposes, here are some console commands that you might find of interest. The console can be toggled by pressing the tilde “`/~” key, found above the tab key on the North American keyboard. Please note that there are many other commands available, but many are outdated or destructive and could cause irreversible damage to your save game.

GodMode on
GodMode off
toggles invulnerability
UnlimitedResources on
UnlimitedResources off
weapons & abilities won't use energy or generate heat
FullHealthGives you full hull/shields
ReloadReloads game from most recent save in latest safe sector
Crystals (int)Gives you crystals
AddXP (int)Gives you XP
Scrap (int)Gives you scrap metal
AddSkillPoints (int)Gives you skill points
Guns (int)gives you one of each weapon at the specified level
Missiles (int)gives you one of each missiles at the specified level
Bombs (int)gives you one of each bomb at the specified level
Shields (int)gives you one of each shields at the specified level
Heatsinks (int)gives you one of each heatsinks at the specified level
Powersources (int)gives you one of each powersources at the specified level
ArtefactsGives you one of each artefact
Shipyard (int)Instantly warps you to the ship-selection screen for a shipyard of the specified level